Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Three Days in Bohol

Welcome to Tagbilaran City
The City of Friendship
Bohol is not only known for Blood Compact but also known to its Chocolate Hills and Tarsier. Actually, the place is very clean and luscious greens all over. They also have man-made forest, cleanest port, and white sand beach in Panglao Island. There are so much activities to do in one day, like we did.
Welcome to Bohol!

It was 4:30 AM when we left Angeles City to Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila to catch our flight to Tagbilaran City, Bohol via Cebu Pacific Air. We were in Bohol around 10AM, the driver of Olman's View Resort was there bringing our name sign at the arrival area. As soon as we check-in, the manager told us to get ready for a free day tour.
Olman's View Resort
The first sight seeing was the Blood Compact Shrine. The sun was beating our skin so we  just dropped by for few minutes for picture-taking and looked at Panglao Island from behind.
The Blood Compact Shrine
Next destination was the 2nd Oldest Church in the Philippines known as Balayon Church that was built in 1727. We visited in and out, upstairs is the museum that shown some of the things and history about the church.
Baclayon Church
Before lunch, we dropped by to a small place called XZootic were we had fun taking photos with python, ostrich, and other animals.
XZootic Animals
My favorite part, lunch at Loboc Cruise. It's buffet lunch while cruising, listening to live singers, and dancers. Everyone had a great time.
Loboc Cruise
After lunch, we passed thru man-made forest on our way to see some cute Tarsiers. They're too small and couldn't touch since they're becoming endangered.
Tarsier Conservation Area

to be continued, for the meantime enjoy some of our escapade to Bohol :)


  1. Maayong buntag!

    I hope you're having fun in Bohol! Wonderful pictures, by the way.


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