Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Taste of Salt

Not the movie Salt but a taste of Salt Coffee Shop from Hotel Vida,
just a simple order through room service.

The first photo is a mix of seafood fried noodles,
and above is chicken and mushroom spaghetti.

And a simple clubhouse sandwich...

A cup of green tea after a simple meal.

Food Trip Friday


  1. :) i had fun watching Salt. and i kinda miss cooking pasta chicken with mushrooms :)

    happy friday to you.

  2. the chicken and mushroom spaghetti looks delicious! oh, i enjoyed Salt, too.:p

  3. The mixed seafood noodles was wonderfully plated (and you photographed it well, too).

    Hopping here from Food Trip Friday.

  4. I sure would love to taste that chicken and mushroom spaghetti! Happy FTF! Here's my entry:

  5. chicken and mushroom spaghetti? that must be something new for me.. Love to try this one.

  6. Wow!these are all good to me.. I wanna try them all.

  7. service! lovely food at the comfort of your room! Where is Hotel Vida and Salt Cafe btw?

  8. hmm...that's nice meals. i love the seafood fried noodles, mukhang ang daming sauce at ang sarap! visiting from FTF, hope to see around. thanks and have a great week. :)

  9. Thanks to all the comments! Cheers!


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