Friday, July 8, 2011

Last Meal for Now

Before I found out I have high cholesterol and uric acid :(


  1. last meal? wonder where you're off to. wherever it is, keep safe! ♥

    ps. i could add the link for you, but first you need to add a link back to Food Friday, Ms. Lani... :)
    many thanks for playing again! much appreciated!

  2. sorry to hear about the elevated wonder it's your 'last meal'!

    thanks for linking back, Ms. Lani!
    happy weekend :)

  3. Oh my sorry to hear that. This food does look good. ^_^

    Fresh Cherries

  4. you can eat the shimps but not the head, you can eat meat but lean meat only not the fats

    i do know bcause i also have the same thing. i also eat letchon but i have to scrape the fats and dab it sa tissue paper/paper towel before eating

    here's my entry

  5. sad to hear but this foods are something i will definitely enjoy! visiting from FF, have a great week.


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