Friday, September 23, 2011

Featuring Don Luis Food Cart

Don Luis Food Cart started on June 2011. Basically, the main meal is Burger/Cheese Burger and French Fries. Burger is made of 90% pure beef and no preservatives added.

For drinks, Don Luis offered Bubble Tea and Slushy. Both are bestsellers.

There are also special meal like nachos, twister fries, and home-made chicken nuggets.

Here are some samples to treat you:

Crunchy Twister Fries

Bubble Tea, Mango and Halo-halo Slushy

Cheesy Nachos

and more to come...

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  1. Oh no! That sinful cheesy nachos! Now i think i really won't mind sinning. hehehee

    Happy FTF!


  2. Love those twister potato chips. I always buy it when I pass by their cart in megamall :)

    My FTF entry >

  3. My daughter loves the crunchy twister fries! We've tried it when we attended the Auckland Chinese Festival here in New Zealand. It's a unique and a different way of eating a fries hehe!

  4. love the twister fries and nachos except for the olives :)

    Visiting via FTF

  5. artistically made. I love chips! the crunchy twister fries, i want to try but I need special knife to twist it that way. :)

  6. The Crunchy Twister Fries remind me of Twistix! I'd love to have those Cheesy Nachos, too! Here's my FTF entry:


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